Jack Fellows (B. 1941) “1909 Bleriot XI”

Jack Fellows (B. 1941) “1909 Bleriot XI” Signed lower left. Oil on Masonite. Provenance: Collection of James A. Helzer (1946-2008), Founder of Unicover Corporation.

This painting was originally published on the Fleetwood First Day Cover of the Bleriot XI from the 100 Year of Powered Flight Collection.

In 1905, Louis Bleriot, a wealthy manufacturer of acetylene headlamps and accessories for automobiles, became interested in the idea of powered flight. He created the highly successful Bleriot XI, in which he made a preliminary first flight on January 23, 1909. After modification, it was the Bleriot XI that flew on a flight which made history on July 25, 1909. Early that morning Bleriot raced to the field at Les Baraques, near Calais, where his fragile monoplane waited. Six minutes after the 4:35 sunrise, Bleriot took off. Flying to the west at only 250 feet above the choppy waters, he flew steadily for almost half an hour to become the first man to fly across the English Channel.

Image Size: 16.5 x 14 in.
Overall Size: 18 x 15.5 in.